Big stacks of damascus steel bars
Huge inventory of fine damascus steel


biggest Damascus Steel
The BIGGEST You've Ever Seen

Who is Thomas Damascus?

"Thomas Damascus Steel" represents Damascus made by Robert Thomas, brother of the well known Devin Thomas damascus.  There are actually 11 brothers including DeCall (oldest brother and webmaster), Darrin (Knife maker and Devin's twin brother).  It all started when Dad (Larrie Thomas) started welding  in the 1960's and then Certified Welding in 1977.  These 11 brothers are all very tallented in many of the Arts ..... I could go on for a while.

Robert Thomas has been trained by Devin Thomas in damascus steel and who also was at one time partners with  him.  "Rob" has learned from the  "Master of Exotic Damascus" and has perfected these skills.  Rob also has proven that he can supply large quantities of Damascus Steel and of  the highest quality to anywhere in the world.  When you compare Thomas Damascus with anyone else in the world you can see the difference in an instant.  Look at these samples



Robert Thomas Holding Lots of Damascus Steel